About Equanimate

My name is Stephen Anderson and I am a trained therapist with a sincere desire to help people aged 10-100 who are going through difficult times. I hold a diploma in Stress Therapy as well certificates in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Child Psychology. I also have over 25 years experience in practicing mindfulness meditation. I’m based on the island of Lidingö in Sweden but offer my services globally via digital media. I offer reasonable rates and am available outside of usual office hours.

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What is the aim of Equanimate?

To provide effective, practical help and support to kids and adults who are experiencing psychological and emotional turmoil or suffering. These services are offered in-person to folks in the Stockholm region and online to anyone around the world.

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My native language is English and that is always my first choice for communication. I am, however, quite fluent in Swedish and often mix it up with my Swedish clients.

My background

I began studying Psychology at an undergraduate level in my homeland of New Zealand in 1999. Half-way through a move to Sweden put an end to that but I maintained a deep interest in behavioural psychology. This and my love of writing led to a career as a Copywriter and Communication Specialist for some of the world’s leading corporations. However, I eventually wanted to contribute something more positive and helpful to people in the world.

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I have experienced a range of psychological and physical traumas in my own life including post traumatic depression, substance abuse, low self esteem and PTSD. Following 3 years of undiagnosed PTSD, I emerged as a completely different person; much calmer, more empathic, patient and happy. I wished for other people to come to this state of equanimity. So, I combined my existing knowledge in psychology and personal experience with further study in therapeutic practice, stress relief, CBT and child psychology.

As well as working as a private practitioner I sometimes work with schools to teach kids ways to deal with and prevent stress as well as help teachers who work in a field very highly represented in stress statistics.

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What does “equanimate” mean?

The name “Equanimate” comes from three latin words: aeuquus, animus and animat which basically translate to: equal, mind and life. So the word implies my mission: to guide you toward a life that is balanced and stable; grounded in a foundational happiness that remains in the background of all experiences, under all circumstances.

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