Therapeutic Method

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My method of counseling is largely grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – in which I have much of my theoretical training – and mindfulness, of which I have been a practitioner for over 25 years. So, a combination of conversation and inquiry, reflective exercises and mindfulness training are the essential elements with which we will work together. I am also sometimes a bit more active in our sessions than is customary. So, while the vast majority of our time will be spent with you speaking and me listening and stopping you at specific moments to investigate, I am also very open about my own experiences and, if I feel sharing something personal will be of benefit to you, I will do so. This is conversational therapy, not monologue therapy. And I also have some additional free resources to help you after our sessions are concluded.

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Our work together does not mean embarking on a long, arduous journey into the deepest regions of the psyche to discover some trauma lying buried from your early childhood (although past hurts and traumas may come up in our conversations). I am more concerned with what is going on right now and how we can shift that into something much more freeing and happy. I often include as a part of my sessions with clients a follow-up email outlining the main points of our meeting. I know it is often difficult to remember what ground we have covered and what needs to be remembered. This is a service rarely offered by therapists but I feel it is important. You will also have my free meditations to help you beyond our times together and I am also open to creating personalized meditations for clients at a reasonable price.

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My aim is always to have a client in good psychological health within anywhere between 3 and 20 sessions depending on the needs and circumstances of the client. If, at any point, I feel I am not the correct therapist for you, I will advise you of that immediately and may instead assist you finding someone more suitable. I have no wish to waste your precious time or my own.

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We’re moving toward helping you experience life in a calmer, more stable and happier way. Rather than trying and striving for a solution to your problems or a way out, we are changing your relationship to all external events and internal mentations and emotional states. And, through your investigation and observation of your own thought patterns and behaviours, becoming calm and happy will occur quite naturally on its own. This is very empowering and doesn’t simply alleviate the pain of what you are going through right now but will serve you for the rest of your life in future challenges.

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